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Barbadiving, Barbasun, Barbacity: many names but only one founder!

The BARBACITY COMPANY and it's registered trademark BARBADIVING specialises in the sale, customisation and creation of nautical clothing and accessories.

Traditionally in BtoB with prestigious clients such as the Princess Charlène de Monaco Foundation, we have decided to broaden our offer to the general public on a range of original and eco-friendly sun-protective clothing: BARBASUN.

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Our founder

"Trained as an engineer and with a state diploma in scuba diving, I have been working for several years in the boating industry. When I became a father 18 months ago, I quickly had to deal with the sun risk on my child's skin.

To spread the use of UV protective clothing, I decided, in parallel with my activity with Barbadiving, to develop a product range of high-performance sun-safe swimwear for consumers under the name Barbasun."

Julien Barbagallo

Our assessment

Unlike countries such as Australia or New Caledonia, where wearing UV protective clothing is common among children, France does not have this habit yet!

However, the situation is alarming, and health professionals sound the alarm:


Unprotected exposure to the sun, with a history of more than three sunburns, and artificial tanning bear a great responsibility in increasing the risk of skin cancer for adolescents and young adults.


Dr Marie-Line Barbet

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High-quality UV protective clothing

How to find the right product at a reasonable cost? By studying what was available on the market, I realised that the sun protection criteria as defined by the American, European and Australian standards were not reliable as they do not take into account specific constraints such as the actual use of textiles.

It was just unthinkable to me to protect my kids from the sun with products not designed to a regular daily use which include being wet or stretched all the time.

It is not about having a clear conscience, but about protecting our children's health!

That's why I decided to develop a new product range of sun-safe swimwear for toddlers, with soft, high-performance quality materials that remain accessible price-wise.

This is why I decided to obtain the UV801 certification for UV protective clothing range.

UV801 certification

The tests carried out according to UV801 standards, take into account specific constraints such as when textiles are stretched or wet.

To provide consumers with a reliable protection factor (UPF), the tests carried out according to UV Standard 801 also take into account natural wear and tear, stretching of the fabric or when used in water.

This is why it is the only standard that guarantees long-lasting and effective sun protection on certified textiles. These UV protective materials offer reliable sun protection even when wet or stretched.

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